Design, fabrication and installation.

Over nearly 35 years SICON built it's reputation as your complete source for anything to do with metal panels.

When our customers hire SICON  to do their work, it's because they are buying access to the best craftsmen and problem solvers in the business. We've grown up on design, fabrication and installation. Knowing they can depend on us to get their work done on time, on budget- and handle those unexpected situations that almost always come up gives them the confidence and peace of mind from knowing they hired the best.

Every minute counts and every lost minute costs in construction!

Sub your work to a commercial metal roofing siding and specialty metal fab company that understands it's role as your partner in completing your project. Customers choose us for our friendly, fast and dependable delivery of parts to their job sites done right and when they need it.

And when others can't (or won't) perform the work you gave them, we'll respond to your emergency needs  FAST! 


 What we do 

  •  Commercial Metal Roofing 
  •  Metal Wall Panel Systems 
  •  Custom Mansard Systems 
  •  Stainless Column Covers 
  •  Specialty Metal Fab 
  •  Aluminum and Stainless 

Founded in 1977, SICON is a second generation family business that has bolstered our customers' profits by providing cost effective solutions to complex construction problems. We consider ourselves problem solvers, not just metal suppliers. That's why we maintain a complete and versatile 5000 square foot fab shop in Coatesville, PA.  From the heart of Chester County we regularly work on projects in PA, NJ, DE, MD, NY, and CT.

Expertise earned over nearly 35 years.

With years of in-house panel and accessory fabrication plus on site installation service we know that what looks great on paper doesn't always turn out quite that way in the field. We've made our reputation on responding to those real world differences with speed and fairness.

We're famous for getting you material when you need it- even those unexpected requirements that mean the difference between lost time and money or staying on schedule and making your numbers.

Maybe you've seen our longstanding Blue Book ad under PANEL SYSTEMS - Prefabricated